Delgani Donors


Founding Supporter

Sharon H. True
Liven and Kevin McCarthy

Core Musician Sponsors

Carol Crumlish – sponsoring Eric Alterman
David Guy – sponsoring Wyatt True
Elizabeth Harchenko and Ken de Looze – sponsoring Kimberlee Uwate
David and Sherrie Kammerer – sponsoring Jannie Wei

Concert Sponsors

David Wade and Nancy Pobanz

Delgani Sustainer ($1000 Annual Pledge)

Marion Sweeney, Kate Laue and Cama Evans
Wyatt True and Jannie Wei

Aesthete ($500 and up)

Brent and Carolyn Abrenica
Natalie and Zack Blalack
Steven Butt and Mary Pugsley
Walt and Ruth Coppock
Linda and John Cummens
Margaret Gontrum
Deborah and Robert Heaton
John Hidalgo and Lynette Campbell
Leslie Hildreth and Mark Herring
Brian Korenaga and Cindy McCroskey
Marston and Lotus Morgan
Jim and Paula Salerno
Matt Shapiro and Maylian Pak
Dunny and Debra Sorensen
Roma Sprung and James Bishop-Edwards
Walt and Marilyn Uwate
Kimberlee Uwate
Suzy and Bill Vogler
Josephine and Peter Von Hippel
Randall and Deborah Wells
Vickie and Robert Woods

Soloist ($250-$499)

Joyce Benjamin
Carl and Andrea Bjerre
Patricia Braunlich and Robert Voss
Bob and Laoni Davis
Lynn Frohnmayer
Cecilia and Ron Head
John and Valda Mae Lundblade
Denis and Katherine McCarthy
Anthony and Eleanor Mulder
Jonathan and Molly Stafford
Roger Zahab

Collaborator (up to $249)

Anonymous in honor of Chahlie
Carolyn Abbott
Eric and Hanna Alterman
Michael Alterman and Robin Schatz
Tom and Patti Barkin
Karen Basin
Louise Bishop and Jim Earl
Joseph and Luna Bitzer
Melva and Shawn Boles
Karyle Butcher
Doug Cone
Margaret Crouch
Melissa and Tucker Davies
J. B. Eidson
Philip and Jenny Engdahl
Gary Ferrington
Marjorie Ferry
Don and Margaret Fowles
Randy Fraser
Meg Graf
Margret Gries
James Grimm and Jocelyn Bonner
David Gusset
Jenny Gusset
Joanne and Phil Hartwig
Ashley Hastings and Barbara Wheatley
Donald and Linda Hirst
Xing Hu
Rolf Junge
David Kolb and Anne Niemiec
Gail Korenaga
Marilyn Korenaga
George Koris
Christina Lay
Hue-Ping Lin
Helen Liu and Glenn May
Lesley and Tryna Luton
Sean McKee and Jamie Banister
Melissa Orr
Theodore and Laramie Palmer
Lindsay Pearson
Norm Purdy
Richard and Janet Reed
Jon and Kelly Robinson
Eva Safar
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood
Joyce Schlichting
Sharon and David Schuman
Shari Scoles
Doug Sears
Harvey Sherman
Brandy and Daniel Snyder
Isis and Tom Sroka
Liba Stafl
Loraine Stuart
Joe and Marla Tokatly
Tina Van Dam
Marc Vanscheeuwijck and Gina Psaki
Jayme and Sarah Vasconcellos
Jim and Barbara Walker
James Wayne
Sandra Weingarten
Bruce and Carol Whitaker
Sarah Williams and Geronimo Tagatac
Jeff Winslow
Gail Witmer
Becky Wright
Emilie and John York

Individual Levels of Support


Founding Supporter ($2000)

  • Private Delgani String Quartet house concert
  • Recognition at all performances
  • + Premiums below

Aesthete ($500 and up)

  • Invitation to donor events and open dress rehearsals
  • + Premiums below

Soloist ($250-$499)

  • Advance purchase of season subscriptions
  • + Premiums below

Collaborator (up to $249)

  • Recognition in season concert programs and online


Core Musician Sponsors ($2000)

  • Private Delgani String Quartet house concert
  • Recognition next to sponsored core musician
  • + Premiums below

Delgani Sustainer ($1000 Annual Pledge)

  • Option for individual musician sponsorship
  • Recognition at all performances and online
  • Invitation to donor events and open dress rehearsals
  • Advance purchase of season subscriptions

Special Interest Donations

  • New music commissions
  • Educational outreach
  • Guest artist sponsorship
  • How would you like your donation to be used?

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